Top 3 Full Body Massage Chairs

Perhaps you have found yourself sitting in a salon after a long day at work with your feet in a warm basin of water as a chair massages your back. Maybe you have wondered how you could receive such treatment more often at the comfort of your home. No matter how an individual spends their time, they all find themselves in need of pampering. With that said, have you considered buying a massage chair for yourself? Here are the three best full body massage chairs for 2018.

Real Real Reclining Massage Chair with Zero Gravity

When you think of a massage, then you think of how it can assist you to relax. According to different studies, there is a close link between muscle tension and body stress. Therefore, massaging the tension away is a great way to offload pressure from your body. The Real Real Reclining Chair has a few attractive features that help reduce anxiety as well as depression. Any time you need to relax or manage your stress levels, consider hopping into this chair.

Features and Pros 

The chair has an ergonomic armrest, and an embedded arm clip that allows your arms to rest during the massage. You can press the zero gravity buttons to feel weightless, and relax physically. It has eight massage rollers in the backrest as well as foot function. It also has 50 airbags inserted in the shoulder, seat, and arms. These features help you achieve a full body massage.

Even though it comes with an installation video, some people find it challenging to install.

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair
Kahuna massage chain can help cut down stress on your body. Moreover, it can assist reduce internal and external pressure on the nerves while aligning your spine. Aside from that, the chair can help alleviate back pain, and improve posture. Kahuna superior massage chair has also been proven to assist eliminate particular health problems like migraines as well as swelling among others.

Features and Pros
Kahuna massage chair comes with a white glove delivery service to help you with the installation. It has triple hip airbags and a revised remote controller to help you achieve different positions. A progressive seat of the same brand is linked to top performing technology that has a variety of techniques including kneading, tapping, and knocking, among others.

Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu massage chair has been designed to help improve blood circulation while promoting tissue regeneration and alleviating back pain. At the same time, it gives you better sleep. It can also help release endorphins in your body. These hormones have been linked to reduced pain as well as anxiety.

Features and Pros

The best massage chair has an ultra automatic zero gravity feature that helps minimize the strain of gravity thereby promoting some relaxation. It has been designed to give detailed massage throughout your body. It also enhances some stretching. It has a lower back heating pad to enhance relaxation.


Research has shown that patients working in relatively high-stress jobs have demonstrated some improvement in blood pressure after receiving weekly massages. If you are hypertensive, purchasing a reclining massage chair is an excellent way of relaxing as it lowers your blood pressure. With that said, it is also important to purchase a quality massage chair. Since finding the right one can be a daunting task, we have complied the following list to help you pick the right one.